Quotes This is a small locally owned company and they treat your pet as if it were there own. Happy has always been an energetic dog and it wasn't until he got on a regular midday walk that he has been less destructive. I like that the owners personally meet and deal with each and every customer. They are caring, loving and able to properly exercise my dog. Quotes

Quotes I like PAWS they take care of my little pug and treat her with such care. Quotes
Thank you

Quotes Trinidad has been so well behaved since he has started walking with the caregivers at PAWS for Dogs, LLC, He is on a routine and as a result I have not had the problems I used to have: chewed up shoes, toilet paper unraveled around the house and all the other mishaps he used to get into. Now, he has an outlet for his energy and as a result I have a well-behaved dog. Quotes
Lisa Bailiff
My Lab puppy